Craig Martinez

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Craig Martinez

Post  George Bush on Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:08 pm

[Full Name] Craig Martinez

[Age/Birth Date] 17, April 15, 1993

[Gender] Male

[Year] Sophmore

[Likes] Skateboarding, girls, drugs, parties

[Dislikes] Lesbians, A-Cups, golfing, fishing,

[Personality] Your average typical drug addicted skater. Always with his board, always with his pot. Nothing but death can take his drugs or his board away."Live on the skateboard, die by the skateboard"

[History] Growing up in the slums of New York City, drugs and skating came naturally to him. Always out on his board, buyin dope, or smokin it. Nothin could tear his board, and his pot from him. Untill, one day when he left for school he forgot a bag of dope on his bed. When his mom found it, she freaked out and sent him away to West Pacific Academy. But looks like theres dope dealers 'round there too.

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