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Jared MacTavish

[color:8596=#090][big][big]But I Just Wanna Play It Right[/big][/big]

* l[ JARED'S FULL NAME ]l: Jared Michael MacTavish
* l[ JARED'S NICKNAMES ]l:Jarebear
* l[ JARED'S HAIR COLOR ]l: Originally black, but it can be different colors depending on his mood.
* l[ JARED'S EYE COLOR ]l:Blue
* l[ JARED'S SEXUALITY ]l:Hetero
* l[ JARED'S AGE ]l:18
* l[ JARED'S BIRTH DATE ]l: June 25,1992
* l[ JARED'S ZODIAC SIGN ]l: Cancer
* l[ JARED'S HEIGHT ]l: 5"11
* l[ JARED'S WEIGHT ]l: 144
[big][big]We,we're gonna get there tonight[/big][/big]
* l[ (NAME)'S RELATIVES ]l:Bobby MacTavish (uncle) Michelle MacTavish (aunt
* l[ (NAME)'S FATHER ]l:Nikolai MacTavish
* l[ (NAME)'S MOTHER ]l:Anna MacTavish (deceased
[big][big]I Just Want To Take You Down[/big][/big]
* l[ (NAME)'S YEAR ]l: Junior
* l[ (NAME)'S SPECIAL ACTIVITIES ]l:Video games,fencing,DJing.
* l[ (NAME)'S BIRTH PLACE ]l:Malibu,California
* l[ (NAME)'S PROFESSIONS ]l:Profession in Music
* l[ (NAME)'S TATTOOS ]l:A grenade with a pin pulled out on his right shoulder.
* l[ (NAME)'S PIERCINGS ]l:An earring on his right ear, a grenade pin.
[big][big]We We're Gonna Bring You Round[/big][/big]
* l[ (NAME)'S PERSONALITY ]l:He acts differently on everyone. Sometimes he is nice, sometimes he's mean.

。HISTORY:When he was born, his mother died of giving birth. He grew up with his father in his cliffside Malibu house. At age 13, him and abunch of friends ran away together, traveling across the country, not knowing what to do with their lives. Many of them died along the way.Jared soon found his way to a good school, and got accepted into Zeppelin.

Jared MacTavish Sceneboy_kaelob


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Post  Admin on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:30 pm

read the last sentence.


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Post  Jared on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:34 pm

please look at my other one,lol.i was in a hurry.


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