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Post  Admin on Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:28 am

The following are rules and requirments for the roleplay. I hope to keep everything organized and under-control, so please respect these rules.

I. Respect all mods.
Please treat these certain people with respect. It's is I who give them this spot of authority and I want you all to respect my descision by respecting them. If you have any disagreements with any of the mods, you may come to me and hopefully handle the situation calmly.

II. Follow basic rp rules.
For those of you who do not know these rules, they are listed below.

III. No weapons aloud.
This is an icly rule, so it would not be possible for someone to "sneak" in any type of weapon of some sort.

IV. Character changes.
It seems common that rpers would change their faiceclaim for a character already registered with another faiceclaim. Changing faiceclaims for an already registered char is prohibited. As for names, change could only be possible through nicknames, or last names if icly, there has been a change with the character's parents', and/or the character has gotten married.

V. No spamming.
Shortkeys or any pre-typed action won't be taken whatsoever. Minimize please, or actions will be made.
VI. No taking advantage of any authority.
If I give you any spot of authority whether it's in the forums, or rights in a room, that power is only to help the RP. If you have rights, kicking is prohibited, moving of furni withot putting back, etc. If you have authority over the forums, please use them wisely. All rights will be confiscated immedietly if this rule is broken.

VII. You have three chances.
If you break any of the following rules, any mod, or myself, have the ability to give you a strike. Three strikes, and your out. Mods can only give strikes and/or bans with my blessing only. Punishments also have the option of suspension ic&ooc; under my blessing aswell.

If you all don't know the basic rp rules, here they are:

I. All actions must be three words+; if not, the action is void.

II. Each character's action is void unless character's bio is accepted by myself, or any mod.

III. All actions must be between * or -. If not, void.

IV. Please have an ic motto when in an ic room; if not, all actions are void (must includ ic name).

V. All combative lines must be four or more words. All definsive-combative lines must be three or more.

VI. All character thoughts must be between two semi-colons. Ex: ;; damn. he's hot. ;;

VII. No randoming. Ex: *comes charging at you like a maniac with a torch and shanks you to death even though I don't know you*

VIII. Be realistic. Think of what your char would do in real life. Ex: If you are surrounded by grass patched, icly your surrounded by grass.

I will be very strict with these rules. Obey these rules or face my wrath. :]


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Rules & Requirments Empty Re: Rules & Requirments

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:16 am

updated the rules. there have been recent complaints regarding the new rules, from now on, if such behavior is not changed, punishment and action will be made.


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