Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application*

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Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application* Empty Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application*

Post  Danny on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:46 pm

Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application* Green%20Shirt%20Rob%20~%201

Mr. Carter Benfer

Carter Benfer was born on in Liverpool, England. 1985, to be exact. During his early years, he was a troublesome teenager. He was always getting into trouble and was best described as the class clown. Of course this took a toll on his grades, and his teachers told him to step it up. He then realized he was never going to get anywhere if he didn't try. Never in his life would he have thought about becoming a teacher. Well, he finally decided that was what he was going to strive to be. Carter's only favorite subject was writing because he felt that he could express himself by writing in a notebook. Majoring to be an English major he worked hard and eventually it paid off. He first started teaching at the age of 23 in England in a private school. Wanting travel to new places, he moved to the United States and is hoping to grab a teaching job at West Pacific Academy.

FULL NAME: Carter Allen Gregory Benfer.
MAJOR: English.
DATE OF BIRTH: September 3rd, 1985.
LIKES: Teaching English, Humor, Class clowns in his class, Happiness, Driving his motorcycle.
DISLIKES: Children who don't even try in school, Illness, Drinking, Smoking.
FEARS: Death, Death of family members, Getting his heart broken.
GOALS: To be a successful teacher, Provide the best education for his students.
PERSONALITY: A very calm, cool and collected person. He doesn't yell often and is rarely strict. When bothered, you don't want to hear him yell. A very patient person and often lenient

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Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application* Empty Re: Mr. Carter Benfer. *Teacher Application*

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:49 pm

Accepted, welcome to West Pacific Acad.


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