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Post  Junior/Juniored56 on Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:39 pm

David Morris

David Morris. Hayden

Helllo, My name is David Morris. I'm one of those normal guys that you see walking down the hall with two or three friends with him. I am from Denver , Colorado, So I'm not really used to the beaches and weather of L.A.I was born on July 15th of 93', Denver , Colorado. I like art, but I dont really express it so much. I'm the middle child of three kids. I'm quite a flirt, I guess. I really don't play any sports, to be honest. I dont really like sports, Never did.

David Morris. Hayden2

I have brown eyes, or sha'll I say hazel brown. I have some brown hair I don't really take care of it Neutral . I would say I'm skinny, Not too fat or too muscular. I usually dress like a normal person. I get good grades, I guess. I like to hang out, Watch some movies and stuff. I have the words "Forever Love." tattooed on my neck. i also have the Jesus Cross on my back, its giant. I have my mom's name tatooed along my right wrist. I have a fair tan.

David Morris. Hayden2

My favorite food is some nice spaghetti. I like girls,making some new friends, Having a nice relationship. And I just HATE Ultimate Jocks,Preppiest girls you know,Failing stand-up comedy. People that try to be funny/cool, but there not. Like I said I'm 17 going on 18. I'm a Junior, Coming on Senior. I weight about 150-140. I stand at 5'7, I can run really fast, surpisingly.

Well, This sums it up, I'm David Morris.

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Post  Admin on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:31 pm

Accepted, welcome to West Pacific Acad.


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