Never Mind. I would hating being Asian irl anyway. Rofl.

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Never Mind. I would hating being Asian irl anyway. Rofl.

Post  Junior/Juniored56 on Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:52 pm

Anthony Wong.NEVER MIND!" alt="" />

Well, New School.

Sup, My name is Anthony Wong. I recently moved here from San Diego , California. And uhh, I was born on March 21st. Of 93'. I am seventeen years old and Im a sophmore in West Pacific Academy. From the way I look at it right now. WPA has alot of cute girls , nice teachers so far Neutral , And cool guys to hang out with. So yeah like I said Im San Diego Im used to the weather and the beaches. Im about more on the shorter side when it comes to height, Haha. And I cant say Im buff, But Im not a stick either. You know?

My personality, Oooh.

Well, Im not so responsible, But I do get stuff done, I guess. Im kind of a flirt, I admit it. I have a line up fade goin' on. Im usually wearing a hat, Padres all day! My eyes, I would'nt say there the asianest but there no Bill Clinton eyes either. So I basically look more asian, Than I want to be. I really like any sport. Football,Basketball,Baseball,Soccer Im overall. I am kinda' the sterotypical Asian , I like rice hehe. Im smart, I guess. I got straight A's in every simester in middle school. But, I try not to brag about it, I usually never do.

"Love. More like lies and confusion.

Well, When it comes to love Im overall, Im guessing. I got a girl friend back home, Moriah. But I broke up with her, Since I was gonna leave for L.A. and WPA. Psh', That was hard though. But Im alright. Still haven't found that girl that you really like in WPA. But Im sure I'll find one. Razz

Asian forever, baby.

Well, This ends my story. Come talk to me, Im Anthony Wong.

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Re: Never Mind. I would hating being Asian irl anyway. Rofl.

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:07 pm

Accepted, welcome to West Pacific Acad.


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